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Top 50 Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Top 50 Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

For all the parents in the world, it is an amazing feeling to see their little bundle of joy all grown up and turned into a toddler. In this age of being a toddler, a child’s development becomes irresistible. They grow immensely not just physically but mentally as well. Their development depends entirely on their parents who are the first teacher a child gets. Their energy levels rise and sometimes, their notorious nature becomes hard to handle for parents. This is the best time for a kid to learn, to perceive, to understand things from life and to learn proper ways to solve problems on their own. This is the first step for a child to understand life and ways to live a life properly, and it becomes a responsibility for a parent to be supportive towards their child and to teach them good manners. In today’s world, with so much to technological methods available, parents can easily assess to things which could provide them with great parenting tips for preschoolers or toddlers. From taking counseling sessions to attending classes, a parent needs to be a focus on making themselves prepare for their child’s preschool years just because as soon as their kid would turn into a toddler, he will rely entirely on his parents for immense learning and understanding.  Children go through a vast number physical and mental change in this age in which parents need to stay focus on their child’s developments and should get indulge in their lives to make things smooth and worthy.

Here are a few tips for parents to help their child in their growing years:

It is very important for children to have a good amount of sleep. Having the insufficient amount of sleep might disturb the mind of a child and later, he would not be able to pay attention to anything. Bad sleep could also affect the mood of a child which will make him irritated and less interested in anything. Therefore, parents need to make it sure that their children are sleeping well in order to learn better.

  • Healthy eating and living styles.

Providing your child a good amount of nutrients is what every parent should do. Proper nutrients in growing years play a crucial role in the development. Fruits, vegetables, a good amount of carbs and proteins should be provided to children in the given time. Children should be kept in a healthy loving environment which is possible only when parents would be loving towards each other and towards their children. Sometimes in a household, where both the parents go out to work, their children start to feel separated and away from their parents. They do not get a sufficient amount of time and love from their parents. In order to avoid this situation, parents need to make it sure that every time, one of the parents is always available and there with the child.

  • Become your child’s first friend.

Parents need to know that children are one of the most innocent creatures especially in their toddler years. They always look upon their parents for every inch of support. Therefore, it is very important for parents to be more casual and friendly with children. This will leave an impression in the mind of a child that he can easily go and talk to their parents for anything.

Pre-school years of a child is not just some sort of years but it is a most crucial time for kids. It is said that a child is the reflection of a man just like a morning is the reflection of a day. Therefore what is been taught in these years are going to shape your child’s adulthood and complete life. Being a mother, I can say that these years are not only important for a child but for parents as well. The way my child would grow will reflect our manners given to him. It is the time for providing good quality traits to the child. I always tend to keep a record on the development of my child so that I would be able to fulfill every aspect in the growth which lacked before. There are some ways for every parent to know whether your child is developing in a good way or whether you need to make some changes.

  • Is your child asking too many questions?

If the answer to this question is yes then your child’s development is on a right track. Curiousness is what makes your child know more and make him asks too many questions. This may become difficult for a parent but it is a very good sign of your child’s healthy growth. This nature of a child should always be appreciated and parents need to be patient enough to take up their child’s curiosity.

  • Is your child making too many friends?

If yes then your child is excelling in the phase of social development. This will surely help in children’s better growth their interaction with friends and family will help them to learn more from others and to know their society well.

  • World of imagination and creativity.

Having a creative head is the best thing a child could have. One of the good signs of good development and better growth of your child I having a creative head. The power of imagining and further putting it into expression is a sign of well growth and nourishment.

These are some of the traits a parent would love to see in their child’s development. But they are one-third of the proportion. To increase the overall growth of a child, one needs to be able to fulfill every demand of the growth.

When it comes to discussing 50 parenting tips for toddlers, as a mother, I would say that parenting does not come by sourcing out things or obtaining knowledge through the internet. It is an acquired trait. Being parents to your children or having children is one of the precious parts of one’s life. From giving birth to fulfilling every need of a child until he becomes completely independent and even after that, as soon as you receive your baby in your hands, all the responsibilities and parenting skills come to the parents on its own. Still, there are times when you need certain guidelines in order to avoid compromises or unsure things while raising your child.

Therefore, there are certain tips or guidelines that would help all the parents out there whose children have step into the age of beautiful toddling years.

  1. Make your child’s verbal communication strong.
  2. Make your child a good listener
  3. Take charge. Start to give little instruction to your child.
  4. Indulge your child into activities to enhance his potential
  5. Make your child more interactive so that he would be able to settle in the preschool smoothly
  6. Make your child do little works on his own
  7. Make a schedule or set a routine for your child. ( for eg. Make him study for 2 hours every day and then send him to play for one hour)
  8. Teach your child the importance of little things in life like respecting elders, the importance of study etc.
  9. Teach discipline manners to your child.
  10. Become their friends. Play with them
  11. Do not try to indulge your child in hard of the difficult situation. Make him do things according to his age
  12. If your child does mistakes, do not handle it with rigidity. Try to be patient enough to teach him what is wrong and how to solve his mistake
  13. Try to give him the good set of examples so that he will follow them and learn more
  14. Always keep an eye on your little one while he is handling little dangerous stuff
  15. Assign small amount of responsibilities to children so that they would learn to take charge
  16. In order to understand their mood, parents need to become like them. Try to put yourself in their place and understand what they want
  17. Parents need to control their anger in front of their children
  18. Some children become moody and irritated. In that case, parents should be smooth in nature
  19. Parents should avoid having any sort of fight or argument with each other in front of their children
  20. Parents should keep their office work out of the home. So that would be able to spend time with your children
  21. Parents should be aware of their children’s environment out of a home. Peer group play an important role in any child’s life
  22. For making your child active, indulge him in outdoor activities
  23. If your child is going out, try to be with them. Don’t let him move outside alone
  24. Sexual abuse among preschoolers is very common these days. If your child has been a victim of sexual abuse, try to always accompany them. In such a critical situation, a child needs his parents the most
  25. Keep your child out of any sort of bad company
  26. Do not force your child to do anything unless he would want him to do it on his own
  27. A child needs attention. Hence, both the parents need to attentive towards their children
  28. Children learn from the moves of their parents.
  29. Be your child’s first idol
  30. Love is all your child expects from you. Be extremely loving for your child.
  31. Don’t be harsh with them
  32. Set examples for them
  33. Provide them with mind games
  34. Always be supportive
  35. Understand your child’s feelings
  36. Accept your child’s mistakes and teach them to learn from them
  37. Keep them away from bullying environment
  38. Give them opportunities to be themselves
  39. Create a happy atmosphere for them
  40. Love them unconditionally

Parents should always keep in mind that their children are the imprints of what they are and what they have been. Some children physically resemble to their parents and some mentally. Some have mutual habits and hobbies or some may have common emotional grounds. Children are exact blueprints of their parents. Parents play any role in their child’s life that is of a parent, teacher, guide, friend etc. hence, the further 10 tips below would be helpful for parents to understand what a child expects from you and how you are expected to play all the respective roles in your child’s life.

  1. Parents need to be empathic towards their children. Whenever your child feels low or if he is going through any issue regarding studies or facing problems such as, fight with a friend, low marks, not able to understand what is been taught to him etc. in such cases, a child should be handled with immense love and care. Parents need to understand what their child tells them but more what he does not. Sometimes there are things happen in your child’s life that he cannot explain or able to share with parents. Here, you as a parent need to be empathetic enough so that no matter what, your child would share his problems with you.
  2. Never compare your child with other children. Comparing your child with other child is common but it affects your own child in a negative manner. The other child may be good in studies or better than your ward but if u start to compare, then the little self -confidence left in your child would vanish. He will not only feel bad but also his belief in his parents will reduce.
  3.  Make your decisions with regards to your child’s interest. Do what makes your child happy. Children are innocent and so does their liking. Hence, if small little things make them happy then being a parent you should always look ahead doing things for your child’s sake.
  4. Stay healthy in order to keep your children healthy. Parents should know that if they have any sort of health-related issue then it will surely affect their toddler’s health. Their health issues reside in their genes which will be inherited by their children. Therefore it is very important to take care of your health first to make sure your baby will be born healthy.
  5. Don’t expect your child to be perfect always. No child is born with all the intelligence and creativity. It takes time to build the mind of a child. Children make mistakes. As parents, teach them to learn from their mistakes and further avoid making them.
  6. Set role models for your child but do not forcefully drag them. Role models are important for your child’s development as they get a set role to follow to become like their models but parents should not force them to become one that they do not want to. It is a free choice to decide what they want to be and they want to live.
  7. Provide them with positive experiences. Children get to learn from their experiences. Hence experiences should always be given to them. This could be done while playing or teaching. When they carry an experience with them, they will try to figure out things with the help of their experiences.
  8. Teach them moral values. Moral values play a crucial role in an individual’s life, but these moral values have to be taught to an individual in his early years. Moral values represent a child’s background and his family. Start to teach them with small values such as respecting elders etc.
  9. Don’t create a harsh environment for children at home. Children start their learning process at home itself. If they would be provided with a harsh atmosphere, they would learn negative things. Rigidity, harshness, arguments will affect the mind of children.
  10. Develop a strong relationship with your child. Developing a strong relationship with your child is a first step in providing him a good growth. Parents should be understandable towards their children.

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