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Importance of Child Nutrition on Overall Development

Importance of child nutrition on overall development

As we all know children’s are too picky about foods they eat. In urban areas children’s deal with obesity and in rural areas they have the deficiency and malnutrition, why is so?  This is because of the lifestyle they live in. Daily lifestyle reflects the body of a child and causes many problems as they face in day to day life. Role of nutrition in growth and development plays a key factor in child health. Which is why most of the parents are concern about food what to give their children they can eat everything without wasting food in plates?  Well, this is million dollar question, but we will get the solution for sure.

Young children need healthy eating and physical activity habits early on. Preschool grow quickly and changes physically, mentally, socially.  Parents know the importance of nutrition to a child physical and mental development to grow and develop that’s why they always in worry. All over the world parents face the same problem with their children’s not feeding them adequate amount food as this can cause a major serious problem afterward. That is why the importance of health safety and nutrition in early childhood education is very important for the youngster to understand how healthy food gives them the energy to develop them.

There are so many ways by which we can educate our child nutrition values:

  • Take them to the grocery shop and show them what are kinds of foods are available in the market and what is the nutrition value of it
  • In this digital world, you can teach them to help education videos about how food makes them strong what is the advantage of eating healthy.
  • Exercise is very important in daily lifestyle, so it is our duty to play with them outside of the home.
  • Take them to farm and teach them the importance of organic farming and food.
  • Diagram and flowchart are best sources to teach them the importance of food.

Try to develop an interest in all these things this will really help them to understand why food is important to them.

Parents are role models for their children’s, so any dietary habits formed by the parents are likely to be reflected in the child. For their better future, it’s our duty to change our lifestyle so we can give proper guidance to them.

What Is The Actual Problem?

As a parent I assume there are lots of problems that we face on a daily basis while feeding our children’s are:

No more love for veggies

children generally use to skip the veggies and only consume carbs.

Playing video or indoor games at home

this is a major and serious problem that children are facing nowadays in very large amount, there is so many children’s comes into the category of obese.

All they love is junk

so many junk and packaging foods are available in the market that attracts children.

Bored with same food cooked on the daily basis

children’s like lots of variation in their food with the same stuff they get bored easily and on the result, they left food on a plate or make excuses not to eat.

Very choosy and picky for their food item

as they like to have paste instead of broccoli

They fill them self with snacks

 yes, you heard it right as they eat lots of junk snacks so children’s won’t able to eat their meal properly.

Too many distractions

this is also the major cause of not eating properly because they have lots of distraction like tv, play station, internet games

No sharing habit

no sharing of food among children’s will cause of mental illness because “sharing is caring “

Not getting proper nutrition will lead them to mental depression, Obesity, Cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and behavior problem. These problems will further become more chronic diseases. So as parents we should focus on children health because it’s very important to feed them properly so they develop themselves in complete form. Keeping everything aside we should engage with kids to guide them the importance of diet and exercise for children growth and development in early ages. We should feed them on balance diet as they get proper nutrients from the food they eat. But as we all know it’s not as easy as it seems its very tough task to convince them to eat what is healthy because lots of junks foods attract lots of children. We must find the way in which they must eat things which make at home and feed them properly so they don’t crave themselves to eat junk.

Is There Any Solution for This?

Here, is some tips which helps parents to make good strategy while feeding their respective children’s.

Cook Delicious Food

Try to cook delicious food items at home so children won’t be able to attract by eating junk. Whatever they demand to eat try to make a healthy version of it at least they consume good amounts of nutrition. Try to make a different type of recipes with lots of veggies which help them to grow up to 2 times faster than normal growth.

Make a schedule

Always feed them every two to three hours so they won’t feel hungry all the time. When you are traveling with your kids make sure you put yogurt, carrot, pretzels so they won’t rely on outside street food. Make a planned day before of three meals it would be convenient for you feed them because you have a list what supposed to cook on a particular day and it won’t be a burden for you.

Try to avoid stressful conversation at mealtime

Every mom starts scolding their children at the dining table and this led to stressful conversation and child is not able to concentrate on food and in an angry manner, they left food and go. This is the wrong parent should stop the stressful conversation during meal times as they have any problem with a child they must talk after dinner/lunch is completed

Play more outside

Stop giving your children gadgets and video games because this will lead them cause of obese. Promote your children to play outside with their friends so they involve in physical activity. Physical activity makes them fit and mentally strong. Give your children valuable time trying to play with them outside of the home.

Avoid oily and fatty foods

Desi mom generally use lots of ghee in food to make them delicious go easy with fatty and oily foods because fats deposit in the body and cause lots of problems. Use less oil and avoid fried foods.

Give them treat meal

Sometimes its ok to give your children treat meal it change taste bud of child and they love to eat what they like. Ones in a week give them treat meal so they always are excited about weekends. As they follow good routine whole week so they will get good treat meal on weekend’s .try to make a balance between everything so it won’t be tough for children and you to follow the rules.

Be easy on children

Don’t shout at children all the time because these will minimize the appetite of the child. Try to understand why they won’t want to eat food not only one reason only affects them they might behave eating disorder or something try to understand deep core knowledge of any matter before you make a strong reaction. Control your attitude toward your children tries to make comfortable with you.

Here are some sources of nutrients which you want to feed them on regular basis try to mix and match the items to give them balance diet

Fruits and veggies

Make thumb rule veggies is king of any meal try to give them an adequate amount of veggies and fruits to them. In any meal try to incorporate at least 50% of veggies, because of veggie and fruits and consist of lots mineral and nutrition value.


Protein is a rich source of energy it gives healthy body and mind. Proteins are building a block of the body which help to repair tissue and cell and it helps to grow faster. Feed your children with protein sources of food because it will fill them for a longer period of time


To function a body carbohydrate is a very important source of energy. Carbohydrate comes in many different forms (sugars, starches, and fiber), but kids should be eating more of the starches and fibers and less of the sugar.


Calcium will give them strong bone try to give them a glass of milk twice a day so it will help them to develop strong bone. It’s also important for blood clotting and for nerve, muscle, and heart function. There are many sources of foods like cheese, milk, yogurt etc.

Nuts and Seed

Feed them with good sources of fat not always fat can cause harm there are good fats also present which nourish the body. We can give nuts in moderation to children for sharp memory and healthy skin. Cashew, pistachio, almonds, pumpkin seed are some good sources of fats.


Iron is necessary for a child to build healthy blood that carries oxygen to cells all over the body. Foods that contain high levels of iron include Red meats, Shellfish, Whole Grains, Poultry.


Most important elements are water children should drink at least 10-12 glass of water on a daily basis because it removes toxic form body. Water helps in digestion as well. It cleans the internal organ of the body. It will also help in the functioning of the body whenever the child feels thirsty give them at least two glass of water. As children don’t like normal water all the time then try to mix some lemon or give them fruit juice to drink.


Every mom all over the world faces the same problem with their child they are trying their best to overcome this problem and being a mom I can truly understand the dilemma for other moms. But if we give some proper amount of time to children’s and take care of their dietary then this problem can be resolve in meantime. All we need to understand our child taste bud cook accordingly. Parents should give time to children health because this most concerning causes of this world that are why I say the importance of child nutrition on overall development is most important topic nowadays for future life. Our nation will be strong if our youth is strong for future.










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