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How To Prepare Your Son For His First Schooling

How To Prepare Your Son For His First Schooling

Your son first day at school is always a moment of pleasure. Your son is no longer a toddler and is going to enter a new phase of his life. He needs you the most to start this pleasant journey. It is a time which is full of excitement and at the same time, this time can be stressful for you and the child. You have to do a lot of work to prepare your son for his first schooling. In this article, we will be discussing some of the points which will help you to prepare your son for his first day at school as a single parent. These points should be kept in mind when your son is ready to go to the school. In the next coming months, your son is going to meet new people. He will make new friends. He will learn various things and new skills. He has to take the pressure of study. He should know the meaning of education and the importance of it. Obviously, he needs you in all these steps. He needs your guidance. You need to teach him and make him aware of all these things. It’s not always easy. You and your son must be feeling a mix of emotions like excitement, nervousness, happiness and a little bit of sadness also. Sadness because babyhood of your son disappears. You need to prepare your son physically and mentally before attending the first day.  You have to prepare your son academically also and for this you can help them in reading, playing and exploring things together. You can follow some fun family activities like going for a walk in the park, playing board games, solving puzzles or visiting the library. All of these will only prepare your son for his first day at school. You should indulge your son in various playful activities like playing with colors, painting, work with play dough, reciting poems in the enjoyable way etc. In this, you can help him to have an idea of preschool curriculum. So that he will not face any difficulty. You have to do something to help your son be more prepared for that experience. You have to make your son emotionally and physically strong. So, here are some points that will help you if you are preparing your 3-4 year son to go to school :

Points You Should Keep In Mind If You Are Preparing To Send Your Son To School For The First Time:

To start school can be difficult for your son. Every child has a little bit of hesitation in going to new places and meeting new people. Before going to school, they live with their parents at home. They know few people. But from now the life is going to be different. They have to manage things at school on their own without the help from parents. To face all this, you have to prepare your son. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your son for his first day of school :

  • Talk With Your Son:

    Try to discuss the feelings of your son personally. Talk to him. Try to know about his excitement level of going to school. Figure out the fears if any he is facing. Ask your son about his concerns about starting school. And try to resolve them. Make him understand the value of going to school. Tell him the advantages of going to school.

  • Improve His Social Skills:

    Your son is going to enter the new world in which he will see many new faces. Make him comfortable with other people. He will make new friends. Try to make his attitude friendly. For this, you can take him to park every day. Let him play with other children of his age group. If your son is struggling with shyness and social anxiety then you have to work towards it. You have to make him friendly so that he can handle any social situations. For this let him interact with people but make sure he knows the difference between good and bad people.

  • Basic Manners Should Be Taught:

    Your child should have the manners. He is going to school. He should respect his elders. Teach him to wish his teachers daily. Teach him to be friendly and polite to his classmates. Teach him not to indulge in any not so social activity. Teach him to be obedient and follow the teacher’s instructions. Tell him the difference between a well mannered and a bad-mannered child. Tell him how they both are treated by other people.

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Here is a list of some basic manners that your son must know before starting his school:

  • Must be a polite, kind and well-liked child.
  • Do not interrupt others when they are speaking. He should wait for his turn.
  • To start the conversation if somebody is not listening, then use the phrase “EXCUSE ME”
  • For asking something always say “PLEASE”
  • If someone is doing a favor then say “THANK YOU”
  • Always be in discipline.
  • Always be obedient. Listen to teachers carefully. Listen carefully to what they are saying.
  • Always respect teachers and other elders who are in school.
  • Take permission from teachers to go out or to do anything which is doubtful.
  • Do not pass bad comments to classmates and other people.
  • Be friendly with classmates and always help classmates if they are facing any problem.
  • To enter in class, first, take permission to come in and then enter.
  • Does not take the name of teachers and other elders.
  • Do not make fun of any other classmate.
  • Stand quietly in assembly.
  • Cover nose when you are sneezing or a cough.
  • Do not pick your nose in public.
  • Eat your lunch properly and share it with your friends.
  • Be attentive in class. Listen to what the teacher is saying.
  • Wipe your mouth with hankey if it is not clean.
  • Must be well – behaved.
  • Teach them to throw wrappers in the dustbin. Always use a dustbin to throw garbage.
  • Do not fight with anyone.
  • Take care of cleanliness as cleanliness is next to godliness.

So, these are some basic manners that you should teach your child when he is starting to go to school for the first time. Make him aware of them and make sure that he practices.

Teach Him Some Basic Things Of Academic Curriculum (Literacy Development):

  1. Teach him parts of the body by pointing.
  2. Teach him some interesting poems and recite it daily.
  3. Teach him numbers from 1-10 orally and teach it practically.
  4. Teach him the difference between colors.
  5. Play activities that involve letter recognization. In this way, he can learn a few alphabets.
  6. Give him crayons and sheets and let him do whatever he wants. When he is doing the drawing, help him to recognize colors.
  7. Recite rhymes and stories. Buy different colorful storybooks and read from them. This will improve his listening skills.
  8. Social interaction and outdoor exploration will also aid to literacy development.
  9. The daily routine of various daily activities should be set and it should be followed strictly.
  10. Indulge them in various games that will improve his literacy skills.
  11. Do pretend play and finger play.


These all will help in building a strong foundation for developing his reading and writing skills. All these activities will have to improve his literacy development. Make them learn this through play. Children catch things very fast. So if you start teaching him these things at this early stage he can pick things very fast and will not face any problem in school. No doubt, the teacher will teach all these things in school but to make your son more familiar with the school environment, teach him little-little things which he could grasp easily. In this way, he starts understanding what education is and will develop an interest in learning. So, he will not face any problem in school related to academics. And can handle the pressure of school.



    Do some activities that will help them to improve communication skills. Use baby signs till some age. But as your son grows and reaches the age so that he can communicate, stop using baby signs. Let him communicate with you with his voice. Let him learn to communicate his needs. Talking with your child to improve his communication skills. Talk, talk and talk with him when possible. Ask different types of questions from him and tell him to give answers. Also, give them some time to answer your question. Be patient. Make him talk. Conversing with your son help him to improve his communication skills. Recite poems and ask them to repeat. Use decent and good language to converse with your son. Do not use foul language or bad words in front of them. They can learn by watching and listening. Set their TV watching time and let them see cartoons and rhymes channels. Do oral communications.



    Always listen to their worries patiently and take the best possible decision to solve their concerns. Never ignore them. During their initial days in school, sometimes they want to tell something to you but due to some reasons, they can’t tell you. Try to understand the non-verbal messages.


  • Teach your son how to write his name. So that, he can identify things that belong to him.
  • Make sure that your son knows your mobile numbers.
  • Practice helping the child to take the coat off so that he can make himself comfortable during break times or as needed. And also help them to put it on.
  • Teach him how to take care of his belongings.
  • Teach him how to use a water bottle like how to open it and how to drink water without letting the water come out and make the clothes wet.
  • Teach him how to open the lunch box and tell him not to waste the food. And also tell that do not throw the food in the dustbin. Tell him how to eat food properly.
  • Teach him how to open the pencil box. And tell him to keep all the stationary like a pencil, erasers into the pencil box when not in use.
  • Tell him to keep all the books and copies in the bag when the teacher is not teaching from that book.
  • Teach him to always speak the truth no matter what the condition is. Teach him honesty.
  • Tell him that if anyone fights with you, or says bad things to you then go to your teacher straight.
  • Teach them not to use foul or bad language.
  • Teach them to respect elders.
  • Make them aware of school common activities like drawing and storytelling.


  • Go to school with your son by holding his little ends.
  • Show him love and make him feel that you as the single parent are always there for him when he is in any kind of problem.
  • He should know your mobile number.
  • Go with him to his classroom and meet his class teacher.
  • Make him familiar with his class teacher so that he can interact with her properly and without any shyness.
  • Give his favorite dish for lunch so that he can enjoy his lunch break.
  • Make sure that the teacher has your correct number so that she can call you in case of an emergency.
  • Do chat with at least one parent whose child is in the same class as yours and take their number. Because for the next few years, you will have a lot in common.
  • Make sure that all the details in his dairy’s first page are filled like contact numbers and addresses.
  • Pack his bags and make sure that nothing important is left.
  • Show your son the bathroom and remind him to go there if he needs it and to wash his hands.
  • Label all the things like a water bottle, notebooks, lunch box, bag etc with his name so that he can easily recognize that the thing belongs to him and to protect the things from getting lost.
  • Dress him properly in a neat and clean way.
  • Cover all his notebooks a day before.

However, there are certain things that you should not do on your son’s first day at school.

  • Don’t be nervous in front of your son.
  • Don’t show him your anxiety.
  • Don’t cry in front of him.
  • Don’t show him that you are worried about leaving him at school.

Because, if you do all these things then your child can sense that and wants to go home with you. Try to be calm and assured and your son will become confident.

Here is a video too which can help you to make your son ready for his first schooling.


Hence we can conclude from this article, that if you are planning to send your son to school then you must be facing conflicting emotions. As single parent things are going to be difficult. You must be very happy as your little one is putting a step forward to enter a new world. He will be meeting new people. He will be making new friends. Your little one is starting his new journey. But at the same time, you will face nervousness and anxiety as there are a lot of things that need to be done before sending your little one to school. You will be worried as your baby is out alone in this big world.  Also, your son will be happy because he thinks that he is now a big kid who does things on their own. At the same time, he will be sad because he gets separated from you and is entering a different world. These emotions are normal. You have to prepare your son for his first day at school. You have to make him familiar with the school environment. You have to make him familiar with the word education and learning. You need to tell him what SCHOOL means and why we go to school? What is the importance of education in our life? Who is a teacher? All the queries that come into his mind must be answered by you. All the doubts must be cleared. Make him feel comfortable. Make him feel positive. Tell him to enjoy his school life. Put some efforts in improving his reading and communication skills. Put some efforts in improving his creative skills also. Be calm and confident. Spread positivity. Reassure your son that he is going to a good place where he can have fun and can learn.


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