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Help Your Kid To Be Independent – Chores And Allowance By Age

Help Your Kid To Be Independent – Chores And Allowance By Age

Doing chores is a tradition in many of the families and in the homes where it is not, I believe it should be. The reason why I feel so is that chores actually help the kids in learning the responsibility. The sharing of the chores also gives you some help around the home. I know you might want your kids to go for the chores and do at least one or two in a day, but you are not sure whether they will do it or not, right? Well, here is good news for you. Just take a deep breath and keep on reading. As you know, there are ways of getting the work done by someone, same goes for this. There are some ways in which you can make the chores a little bit or less of a chore for your kids. This will manipulate them in working and doing the chore and they will not know that they are actually doing a chore for you.

The value of chores for children

There is a thing that you must know and you must understand and that is we all need to feel like we are needed and we are needed to know that we are making a good contribution in something, even the kids. So, this is the reason kids need to do and perform some chores. The reason behind this is clear but let me explain again. The reason is that if the kids are not asked to perform some chores, they simply cannot feel that they are making some contributions to the family. Plus, it is a simple fact that kids also need to have some responsibilities.

All these things might sound good and fine to you but there is a thing that how can you get them for doing chores?

This infographic implies the importance of chores in parenting-

Age by Age chores chart- infographic

Being setting the chores the allowance should be there which can encourage the kids to learn the ability to earn from their perspective ways so that they can buy whatever they wish to buy and they can fulfill their needs which can be useful to them for their life.  This makes the children much independent and this creates the best personality of the child as an earning personality.


It is a famous saying that no one is perfect and trust me, it is a fact. So, when you are giving some chores to your kids, you need to have a really relaxed approach to the way and the amount of perfection they have given while performing the chores. Otherwise, there might come a situation when you will face a struggle or you might simply jump in and do the chores for them. If you do this, it is simply going to undermine the complete thing of giving them the chores.

Do Not Delay:

The thing might come to your mind that your kid is too young to perform the chores. But there is a fact that you need to absorb and that is – your kids are more capable of doing things that you think they are. Kids can perform a lot of chores at a really early age. An example in favor of this fact is that they can get clothes to the laundry or they can clean up after the dinner. The mistake that the parents generally do is that they hold back for really long because they think that the kids need to get ready first. What the parents need to understand is that it simply puts the cart before the horse. The kids will learn automatically by doing things.

Do Not Be Stingy With The Praises:

If you feel like praising your kid while they are performing the chore, simply go for it right then. You do not have to wait for praising your kid only when the chore is all done completely. When the kid is performing a chore, you must praise and encourage your kid to continue doing it because you definitely want to build a positive momentum with your kids because they are yours only and you want to see them happy and positive.

Do Not Be Inconsistent:

There is a famous saying that consistency is the key. The same thing needs to be followed here. Give the chores to your kids regularly and do not get inconsistent. The reason behind this is that if they are not expected to perform chores regularly, the time will come when they will start putting chores off in a hope that the chores will be done by someone else for them. And this is the thing that you definitely do not want, right? So, be consistent in providing them the daily chores and let them work regularly so that a habit of performing the chores is made in them.

Make A Chores Chart

What you can do is simply create a list of all the chores and jobs that keep a family going smoothly. Let your kids choose the chores that they can do easily and love to do the most. Then, you just have to create a chart.

First of all, you must check that every person and kid in your home has the chores which are appropriate to them according to their age. Then, divide the chart that you have made into three columns. The three columns have a purpose and the purpose is what I am going to explain now. The first column is where all the chores you are going to write and the name of the person who is going to perform that specific chore; second column is where you are going to write the deadline; and the third and last column is where a check mark will be made whenever the chore will be completed by the person. The most important thing left to do is to put the chart at a place where everyone will be able to see it and now, you can let everyone follow through on the assignments made for them.

There is one way to make things really easy for you and others and that is, to make two charts: one chart will be for all the daily household chores and another chart can be for the household chores that are done weekly. Other than this, here are some more tips that can help you in a much better way:

Be very specific with all the instructions:

You need to be specific with all the basic and advance instructions that you are giving to your kids for performing a chore. For example, if you say ‘clean your room’, it is vague and can be taken in many ways. So, what you got to do is to be explicit by simply giving a detailed instruction like ‘put the clothes in the closet, put dishes in the kitchen, keep the books on the shelf, and put all the toys in the toy box.’ This will simply make the room clean and that too, in a much better way.

Ease into the chores that are for the children:

You do not want to redo the chore that has been done by your kids just because they did worse than making it better. So, the thing that you can do is to teach them and make the process of working easily for them. Simply, first of all, show them how to perform the specific chore step by step. Then, allow your kid to help you while you are performing the chore. After they have known how to do it, let your kid do the chore o his or her own and you just have to supervise them. Once your kid knows everything about the chore and can do it perfectly, the kid is ready to do the work on his or her own without your supervision.

Go easy with the deadlines and reminders:

You want to get the chore done without your micromanaging the chore for your kid. You do not want to nudge them to get the chore done and for such times, when/then technique works best. For example, you can say to your kid that when you will feed the pet, then you can have your dinner. This technique is effective and works really well.


If you think that whether your kids get an allowance for the chores that they are doing or will be doing, the answer is no. The reason behind this is that the chores are actually about the learning household tasks and the responsibility. The chores must not be focused on the money. Yes, kids definitely need to learn how they must handle the money, but this does not mean that they must do chores and get money because the chores are something that they must to do anyway. For younger kids, it is especially important to not tie the chores with the money because the younger kids might get less motivated by money and simply will end up not choosing to do the chores. Well, there is an exception and that is this can be done with the older kids because they have already been known how to be responsible, money can actually become a good motivation to do the extra chores above and beyond the usual tasks that they do.


You kids are capable of doing more than you think they can. Keep the fact in your mind that a kid who has mastered the computer game which is really complicated, he or she can easily run the dishwasher because there is nothing complex in it. The preschoolers can easily handle one or two simple jobs that are one step or two step. The kids who are older can, eventually, manage more than that. Here is a list of chores that we are providing according to the age of the kids so that it can be easy for you to understand and absorb the fact what your kids can do and at what age.

Chores for the children of ages 2-3

  • Put the toys away
  • Put the clothes in the hamper
  • Dust
  • Fill the food dishes of the pets
  • Pile the magazines and the books
  • Wipe up the spills

Chores for the children of the ages 4-5

The above chores are easy for them and there are more they can do

  • Clear the table
  • Make their own bed
  • Bring in the newspaper or the mail
  • Water the flowers
  • Pull the weeds, if there is a garden in your home
  • Wash the plastic dishes in the sink
  • Fix the bowl of the cereal
  • Unload the utensils from the dishwasher
  • Use the handheld vacuum to pick up the crumbs
  • Empty the wastebaskets

Chores for the children of the ages 6-7

The above chores can be done by these and there are more

  • Sweep the floor
  • Help make and pack the lunch
  • Sort the laundry
  • Keep the bedroom tidy
  • Set and clear the table
  • Weed and rake the leaves

Chores for the children of the age 8-9

Amy of the above chores is easy for them and more

  • Make their own snacks
  • Vacuum
  • Put away the groceries
  • Load the dishwasher
  • Make their own breakfast
  • Wash the table after the meals
  • Help make dinner
  • Sew the buttons
  • Peel the vegetables
  • Mop the floor
  • Take the pet for a walk
  • Cook simple foods like toast

Chores for the kids of the ages 10 and above

All the above chores are really easy for them to perform and here are some more that they can do

  • Wash the car
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Cook simple meals with the supervision
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Wash the windows
  • Fold the laundry
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Do the laundry
  • Iron the clothes
  • Babysit the younger siblings (with the presence of adults in the home)
  • Change their bed sheets

These are the chores according to the ages of the children that they can do easily and must be given so that they start working slowly and steadily, and become responsible and mature.

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