Chore Pay Scale

Chore Pay Scale

As our children start growing up, their personality also starts to build up slowly. As a child, their characters or personality can be very well compared to an empty slate. They are ready to take in anything that they see around them and learn that. Since they are too young and inexperienced they are unaware of things in the world and thus are not able to distinguish between what is good for them and what is not. Thus as they are growing up and is around 10 (ten) years of age, that is the time when we parents need to take more care of them and guide them so that they grow up to be a person loved and adored by the whole world. Apart from building their character, it is also important to make them understand the way the world runs and thus make them understand the value of money. These innocent souls have no idea of what an important role the money card plays in our lives, thus it is mandatory that they start valuing money from now on. Or at least understand its importance. Hence to make my children understand the importance and need for money, I introduced to them the chore pay scale- time to earn money.

Chore pay scale is a good and fun way to make them understand the value of earning money and also indulge them in doing some household works. It, thus, not only help the children but also the mother and father to some extent as some of the chore work gets reduced. The concept or idea is that we ask our children to help us with some work or assign them some chore work and in return, we pay them the due price per chore. It is just like the work that all we grew up people do to earn our living- we help some individual or association with some of their work and in return, they pay us the money. This method thus not only teaches the importance of earning money to our beloved children but also give them a brief idea of how it is actually done in real life.

How to decide on the chore pay scale?

Being a parent boss can be difficult when it comes to deciding on the pay scale. Well, there are numerous ways to do that. Parents often wonder how much I should pay my child for chores and how to decide on that. There are numerous answers to that question like one can go for allowance jars, set or decide a particular chore pay scale or decide particular allowance for chores (that is differently fixed allowance for different chores). One can also decide chores and allowance by age as a kid needs less money than a teenager who has to buy their prom dress or clothes themselves. One can also decide to pay extra or bonus for the extra chore that any of the children do. Thus there are numerous ways to decide on the pay scale chart. Make a chore price list or a chore chart with prices and paste it somewhere in your room away from the eyes of your children. As if they find out the list they might refuse to do the chores that cost them less. Make the payment weekly or monthly and ensure the prices are set in such a way that it does not make a hole in your pocket but also meets the need of the children.

Chore allowance debate:

There is a continuous, never-ending debate on this topic. That whether a kid should be paid for the chores or kids should not get paid for chores. Actually, there are a number of parents who are strictly against paying their kids for doing the chore work as they believe that it is their duty to help the parents with the chore work. Thus they should not be paid for the work they do. But what I feel is that yes it is their duty to help the parents with the chore work but is there anything wrong if they are rewarded a bit for their hard work. Also, this helps in teaching them an important life lesson in a different and practical way. thus it is definitely a good practice to give some allowance to the children for their good work. In that way they, that is the children also gets boosted and happy.

Chore allowance pros and cons:

Chore allowance pros-

There are a number of pros related to chore paying system. Some of which can be listed as-

  • Helps children understand the ways of the world better. Chore paying system is quite similar to how actually people earn money when they grow up. They do something for some individual or association and in return, they get paid. Thus this system gives them an insight of what they have to face or go through in the future in order to earn money.
  • Parents offer the bonus or special rewards to their children for doing good work or for doing some extra chores. Thus this maintains a healthy relationship between the parents and the children and a happy environment is maintained in the house.
  • In a way, the children start earning their own money and thus in a way becomes self- independent, to some extent. This strengthens their base and foundation of earning and thus merely asks for help. This builds their confidence as well to some extent and thus they believe that they can handle different situations by themselves.
  • When they earn their own money, it is likely that they want to go shopping on their own. This helps them understand the market values and thus urge them to earn more money. This thus helps them in future, if the zeal is maintained, to become successful.
  • They become wiser and practical as they learn the moral that nothing comes free in this world. If you do something then for someone then they do owe you something.
  • Make them understand the value of money and how hard it is to earn a penny. Thus the children start working hard to become successful in the near future.

Chore allowance cons:

Every coin has two sides, thus nothing comes without its own set of cons. Chore pay scale too has its own set of cons. Due to these cons, some parents are still against paying their children for the chore work they do. Some of the cons can be listed as:

  • Chore work is a basic duty of all the family members, including the children. Whether paid or unpaid, they must be done by the children in order to help their parents. When they start getting paid for the chore works, it sometimes so happen that the children refuse to do extra or any chore work unless and until they are paid some amount. These thus makes them lazy and in a way adamant.
  • Children often tend to become too calculative when they get started to be paid for the work they do. They understand everything in terms of money.
  • Allowance for chores from a very tender age makes the children lose their innocence at a very young age.
  • They become greedy.
  • In extreme cases, it may so happen that the children become insensitive and start taking advantage of others.

Everything in this world has its own pros and cons and to be frank, it sometimes depends on the children whether they make good or bad use of the lesson given to them. They are children, after all, thus if things are explained to them properly, there are 90% (ninety percent) chances that none of the cons will be reflected by their character. If, however, the explanation is itself flawed then it is obvious that the negative sides will be picked up by these innocent living beings. Thus, the parents play a huge role in making or breaking the child’s character through this method of chore pay scale.

Is it necessary to pay our children for the chore work they do?

The answer to the above question, without any second thoughts, is, absolutely no! It is not at all necessary to pay the children for the chore work they do as it comes under the basic duties that they should do. It is also the duty of the parents to support the children and meet their needs. Thus the parents do provide some allowance to their children cause they do need it. It is just not wrong to link the allowance to the chore works they do. As both, the chore work needs to be done and the allowance needs to be provided to the children by the parents and if combining the two results in some important life lesson then there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. It rather becomes a good practice. But then again, it is absolutely not true that the children need to be paid only when they do the chores or they should be paid for the chores they do. It is just a choice that depends solely on the parents. Like some parents set this chore pay scale only occasionally when, supposedly, the children’s need some extra pocket money for some fragile reason.


Chore pay scale-time to earn money for hard work is a choice that depends solely on the parents and is absolutely not something of extreme importance. But if some parents do decide to follow this way then they should go through this article once and this article will answer a lot of their unanswered questions.

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