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Best 10 Indoor Activities to Make Your One Year Old Fun

Best 10 indoor activities to make your one year old fun

The developments of a child is one of the few concerned factors that every parent need to be careful about.  The growth of every child is different from each other and is unique in its own way. Children are not born with all the abilities and capabilities. It is a non-static procedure that every child comes and goes through.  Every step of life has its own sequences and milestones that keeps on changing with every other step. There is no doubt that the development and growth is highly influenced by the environment that is been given to a child. Since day one, the infant should be kept in a happy and positive environment so that he would be able to perceive positivity and good things only.

One of the most essential years of a child’s growth is when he turns one year old. A one year old will have parents as his first friend. If the environment at home itself is created with excitement, fun, games, activities etc, then a child will not only develop good qualities but he will develop a good bond with his parents.  In the first year of your child, he is the most innocent creature and he is able to use his mental ability. In this age, parents are generally required to give their children a good amount of time and attention. Rather than sending them into crèches or keeping them away, parents should stay with their children and provide certain indoor-activities to make their one-year-old fun and learn and keep them active and to build their strength. There is always a time in life when time or situation does not allow you to spend a good quality time with your toddles because of several reasons like work stress of when both the parents are working. This situation generates a gap between parents and children. In order to prevent such gap, this should be made sure that at least one of them is always available for the child. Providing your child a healthy an environment is very important to keep him away from the negative aspects of life. Sending your one year old child outdoor is not a good idea because of the present atmosphere and negativity all around. Firstly, he is not at all safe and secure and also he can develop a number of diseases which can ham his health to a great cause, because of the present condition of weather and air.

There is the numerous number of indoor activities exists which can help the child to enjoy and to build up his activeness.

Why Are Indoor Activities Preferable for One-Year-Old?

A child’s growth is completely based on the atmosphere he is indulged in. Whether at home among the parents or at another place where children are been left over to gain knowledge and to become active, indoor activities are the most preferable because of many reasons including-

  • Your child is always under an eye.
  • The child is been saved from the ruthless weather which could make him ill.
  • He would be able to interact with parents which is essential for his development.
  • He will learn basic skills such as learning languages and new words.
  • Outdoor activities will cause both positive and negative impact on children because you may not know what company he would get indulged into whereas indoor activities will create only positive impact.

Every child is unique and so does the activities in which he is indulged into should be. Some may need to be presented with more mind using activities and other may need entertaining activities. But every child needs fun whether he is given a pen in hand or a paint brush. Here are few indoor activities that every mother should try with their 1-year old little bundle of joy.

  1. Make your child a drummer.

    Even before turning one, children are able to make sounds by tapping their little hands on the table or creating different voices. In fact, they enjoy when elders play with them by creating sounds. Thus, to make it fun for your one-year-old, provide him with a home-made drum which can be made by using a rattle, spoons, pots and pans and a cloth. Place a pot and cover it with a cloth. Handover a spoon to your child and later enjoy the different sounds created by him on his personal drum.

  1. Build a fort for your child.

    This could be one of the coolest and entertaining indoor activity you can set up for your child. Forts are liked by every child and if he would be provided with his own for, it will give him a chance to develop his imagining strength and he could think of himself as a mermaid, or a prince or that he is in a rocket ship. This would create a great amount of positive impact on your child. It is as easy to build a fort as easy it sounds. It could be made by just covering a dining table with a huge sheet or by placing chairs appropriately. This will turn out to be your child’s cute little personal fort.

  2. Sticky Art- your child’s best friend.

    Art is something that every child of any ages likes to do. Art is the first step of learning and basically providing your child with art and craft will not only excite him but he would be able to spend long hours when indulged in art. Sticky art is in which a child is given a space and provide with different things like grass, flower petals, wrappers etc and asked to stick them by putting them together. By this, your child is able to create different forms of objects like differently shaped flowers etc.

  3. Dance around the house.

    Turn and twirl around the house with your little one. Teach them a few interesting moves. This will surely excite your child and his physical strength will grow automatically. Also, this activity can turn your child into a good dance in the future.

  4. Throw a children’s party at home.

    This could be a good way to make friends with your child. Plan a party with lots of activities and food, basically an appropriate party for children. You may call children of same age group of your child from neighborhood, cousins, building mates etc, and let your child interact with them. When children of same age group come in contact with each other, they develop a sense of social connection which helps them to develop their social and communication skills. Activities that you can include in the party could be the musical chair, drawing competition, etc.

  5. Counting one by one.

    Children, especially in the age of toddlers love to count things. From their fingers to stairs, they start their counting from one. This could a great exercise for them to remember the numeric at an early age. This exercise could be fun if children are given a set of spoons or color pencils or even matchsticks. Just put these things in front of them and ask them to count the number of objects. They will count the object and start playing with them as well.

  1. Swimming pool.

    Children at the age of one love to play with water and water activities are thus their favorite. These days most parents tend to send their children to swimming clubs. Though they always have the company of someone swimming pools does not contain an appropriate quality of water especially for children. They contain an amount of chloride another chemicals which can affect the skin of an individual and especially such a small child should be kept away from it. Diseases like, skin infection could be easily caused. Thus, providing your child with a swimming pool inside your homes is a great way to make them enjoy, play and to stay safe and secured. The easiest way to make a swimming pool is to fill a bathtub with water and throw some water toys like a ball or others for your child.

  2. Make them your companion at work.

    Children tend to learn things while watching their elders. They will eventually perceive all the qualities that they will see in their parents. Hence, making them your work partner could be a good way to boost up the bond of a parent and a child, also he can learn various things from you like, helping, perks of hygiene etc. One should always make their children get to indulge in household things so that they will learn the value of life and home. A mother can make her child help her in cleaning the house like she can ask him to pick up his toys and put them back in a bucket. Also, after eating ask him to put the utensils in the kitchen by himself. This will generate the basic manners in children.

  1. Abacus for beginners.

    There is no doubt that a one-year-old toddler is too small for an abacus but in the advanced world where children are so much able and capable of things in advance, I think an abacus should be given to a child at the age of one so that he would start to learn basics at an early age. It is usually been said that there is no age of learning, so if a 60-year-old man can study then giving an abacus to a one-year-old absolutely not a bad idea. Abacus is so interesting that your child can spend not only count but can also play with colors and do multiple activities.

  2. Make Cinderella and Snow-white their best friend.

    By this, I mean providing your child with different story books with lots of interesting pictures all around. Children love to explore their surroundings and if they are surrounded with so many books with pictures in it, then their day is well spent. Toddlers are always keen to have a book in their hand and especially with pictures of animals or prince and kings etc. They will analyze the pictures and will imagine themselves in it. Also, they will touch the hair, skin, clothes, and structure of an object which is been given there in the story. This will create a different atmosphere for them which good in their intellectual as well as creative development.

Indoor activities are fun and exciting only when you as parents have time for your little bundle of joy. It is always a task to manage work and home especially when you have a one-year-old toddler waiting for you and for your time. But honestly, children always need one of the parents by their side because they are new to the world and life so they need a guidance throughout from eating to pooping or to sleep on time. Being parents and especially when both the parents are working, it becomes a difficult situation to pay attention to children. Apart from everything else in the world, being there with your toddler and see him step into every phase of his life is something which is above all the happiness. It is always a blessing to have children and for a mother, it is a newborn for herself as well. Thus, her baby bear should be kept safe and secures and in good hands always. That’s why it is said that indoor activities are best for your child. But activities performed indoor does not mean that you will give a toy in his hand and think that he will quietly play. Children at this age are at the peak of exploring things. Unless they are provided an environment of fun and playful, they will not resist indoor for a long time. Therefore, create a long list of indoor activities and perform them with your child, become a child with him and enjoy every single moment of his growth.

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  • I hope that you won’t stop writing such interesting articles. I’m waiting for more of your content. I’m going to follow you.

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