Meet Lauren!

Hi all, I am Lauren Brown, a parenting counselor in Texas.

Being a mom of two smart kids, I feel that parenting is one of the best phases of life. Watching the transformation of our tiny tots to grow in smart young next-gen kids, is such a pleasant thing ever.


As being a parenting counselor, people often think that it is the super easy thing for me ever. In reality, it is just a myth. Parenting can never be easy and not all the children are equal. I learn this while I experience my own.

Even now, I learn a lot of things from my kids.

Parenting is a journey with pleasing, terrible, stressful and adventurous moments. It’s all up to us how we enjoy all of these phases.

And no one is born parent i.e. no one is perfect and there is no thumb rule of parenting. We all need to learn it as we turn from a man/woman to father/mother.

As I have lots of experience and seen children n parents problem very closely so I just wanna share my own experience with you, so you can take benefit of it and give it a try in your parenting journey.

If you have any issue or experience, which you wanna share with me, just feel free to contact us anytime.


Happy Parenting!

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